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Alan Pirie

[ graphic designer / artist / signwriter ]

  • DEPARTMENT: Design
  • EXPERIENCE: 25+ Years
  • EMAIL:
  • PHONE: +47 41310539


My name is Alan Pirie and I am an Artist, Signwriter, WordPress potato and Artist. I work both with the individual and the business to help realise the project goal and figure out how to bring it to life.


I am based in Trondheim, Norway but i have worked for many clients around the world including United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, France, Germany and more.

Other information

Since around 2016 I have been selling Guinea Pig parody designs of Music, Film, TV, and Pop-Culture around the world via my Piggie Parodies project with around 40,000 followers on social media and 4000 sales worldwide.


I have worked with many bands, artists, Bars/Clubs and businesses doing a variety of work including:

  • Full Album release design, art and layout for online and physical production.
  • Program design and supply of printed materials.
  • Design of merchandise for sale.
  • Traditionally hand painted signs.
  • Logo design and complete company branding.
  • Full vehicle wrap design and manufacture of vinyl for application.
  • L.E.D. sign design and manufacture ready for installation.

Regular collaborators include:

Program competance







Traditional Skills

As a trained Signwriter and a lifelong artist, I have a slightly different approach to purely design-orientated people. I want to bring something eyecatching and pleasing and feel I can definitely both give you something original and elaborate on your ideas if needed.

Whether you want digital artwork, a hand-painted sign, or even a mural (painted or printed), my artistic background makes this a very real option for you.