Alan Pire Design / Samurai Guinea Pig

Humavoid is a progressive/djent/metal band from Finland and had their first album release via Noble Demon records in 2020. I had become friends with them over the previous couple of years so they asked me to do the layout for them.

The front cover art was done by popular Finnish artist Juhani Perälä so I had free reign to do the rest. Regarding the cover painting, they wanted it to print as close to how the actual painting looked so that look at multiple levels of filtering to get that as accurate as print could be. Also, the image was not quite the correct shape of the gatefold sleeve to some stretching was required to get an exact fit (around 15% extra was required).

The inside we agreed upon live shots where i suggested a collage with one prominent band photo in the centre and a single highlight photo per band member. The lyrics were kept uneven but still had to be readable… overall a very artistic package (which was then adjusted for CD format)

Humavoid (Finland)
project type:
Graphic Design / Illustration
done over multiple weeks